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The most important piece of golf equipment you own is your body.

Invest in you and get the results you want!

Greater accuracy

Greater distance

More strength and endurance

More efficient golf swing

Decreased pain after your round

Fewer injuries!



The most important piece of golf equipment you own is your body...


Welcome to the Golf Performance Clinic


Here at the GPC we care about your golf game and your overall health. Whether you
are looking to improve your game or simply to decrease pain while playing, we can
help you. The GPC staff is comprised of medical professionals certified through the
Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) who will guide you through evaluations and fitness
programs to help keep you fine tuned and in optimum shape for golf. Through our
comprehensive evaluations and training programs we can improve your game and help
you to play without pain.


Why golf fitness? Why GPC?


There are many different types of golf swings, but only one efficient way for any golfer
to swing the club, and this is based completely on what the body can physically do. By
increasing your mobility, stability, and strength you can greatly improve your golf game
by making your swing more efficient. As you improve your golf fitness, not only can
you get more out of your swing, you can also reduce any pain you may be experiencing
while playing golf.


Whether you are new to golf or are a long time player, the Golf Performance Clinic
provides a safe and effective way for you to stay physically fit. By utilizing golf fitness
assessments created by the Titleist Performance Institute, we can provide the best of
what golf research has to offer. Make your golf game more enjoyable and allow the Golf
Performance Clinic to improve your golf fitness.


Golf Professionals and Instructors


The Golf Performance Clinic wants to partner with you and help your clients get the best
results possible. We will work with your students and address any physical limitations
that are found in the Titleist Performance Institute fitness assessment. By addressing
physical limitations and improving upon strengths, we can help your clients got the most
benefit from your instruction. We will provide a full report of findings to you and your